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An IoT & Defi platform, where investors and farmers drive up profits through the African commodities valuechain
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Tokenization Meets Agriculture

Leveraging cutting edge technology and agricultural best practices, we are helping farmers cut post harvest losses & reach a wider verity of off-takers
Farmers cut post harvest losses
Reach a wider variety of off-takers
Off-Takers access quality produce
Farmers access cheaper finance

How It Works

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Sign up online for free. All you need is an email address.

2. Fund

On-ramp by topping up your wallet.

3. Transact

Buy digital assets or tokens to invest

4. Earn

Hold assets as investment, earn yeild on investments, sell Asset to exit.

Earn passive income with AVDA tokens.

The farmhouse club's AVDA token makes it easy to let your money work for you.

Join the disruption of a multi-billion dollar industry the smart way

Sign up today! Access the tools you need to profit from one of the largest industries in the world today.
Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
Our practices promote three main objectives; a healthy environment, economic profitability, social and economic equity.
Smart Contracts
Automated Smart Contracts
We have developed an ecosystem that streamlines antiquatedworkflows, mapping them to more efficient smart contracts allowing for fairness and transparency while eliminating error.
Invest Anywhere
Invest Anywhere, Anytime
Access our intuitive user friendly dashboard from any smart device anywhere anytime, via the internet. Follow project progress, trade commodity backed tokens, track held commodity token prices and more.

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Thefarmhouseclub is an agrotech startup that has developed a digital operating system tailored towards the advancement of the agricultural industry in Africa. The initiative emanated as a result of the long overdue need for a general overhaul of legacy workflows in the agrosphere hitherto.
Workstation - 350 - 360 Ikorodu Road,
Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria

+234 (0) 705 651 4643
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